Flee Youthful Passions

Dear young fellow Christians, We are in the age when the youthful passion is arising and we know we are not called to give in, but to flee from its enslaving power.The struggle is real.We know that. That’s we are destined to, not succumbed, but to fight a good fight of faith.Mind this, if we […]

Kumusta na ang Pag-ibig mo sa Diyos?

Araw-araw ay ipinapakita at pinapatunayan ng Diyos ang Kanyang dakilang pag-ibig para sa Kanyang mga tao. Higit natin itong natunghayan sa Kanyang pagsugo sa Kanyang Anak para iligtas tayo sa ating kasalanan at sa poot na darating (Rom 5:8). Walang duda na inibig at iniibig tayo ng Diyos. Ang tanong, mahal ba natin ang Diyos? […]

Counterfeit Faith

The one who has believed and has been baptized will be saved; but the one who has not believed will be condemned. (Mark 16:16 NASB) This verse has two conditions for salvation: the principal and accessory. The principal condition of eternal life is faith which means that you cannot be saved without faith. The accessory […]