Taking Recreation Captive To Christ

One of the things I struggle with is rest and recreation. After a long day’s work, what should I do to unwind? Often, I would scroll through social media or watch anime. On most days, I end up spending 2-3 hours on Facebook. Then, I look at my watch and realize that I wasted so […]

Labor Day: JEHOVAH as Lord of Work and Rest

Since today is International Labour’s Day, let’s consider for a moment what the Bible says about work: 1. Work in itself is not a curse. It is our design. When God created Adam, God placed him in the garden of Eden to work it. We do not just subdue and manage creation, we nurture it […]

The Attributes of God by A.W. Tozer

Talk about the attributes of God in the modern pulpit and few will stay to listen. Most of us – I included – would rather listen to practical messages: “How to find peace in times of trouble”, “How to be self-controlled”, and many more. We’ve taught people how to live but we haven’t taught them […]

Christmas Hymn for 2020: O come, O come Emmanuel

Four days before Christmas. Police shoots a mother and her son. Covid-19 is still here. Lockdown continues. What’s so festive about the season? While my four-year old nephew is excited about Christmas, I doubt the same could be said about the adults. This week, it will not be as easy to sing “Joy to the […]

Book Review: Future Grace by John Piper

Future grace. What’s that about? Piper makes a distinction between past grace and future grace. When Piper says “past grace” he means the grace of justification. We have already been justified. After justification comes sanctification – the day-to-day experience of being made holy. For us to increase and holiness and to not shipwreck our faith, […]