Sanctification: Intelligent, Systematic Pursuit

Have you ever been frustrated with your sanctification (or becoming holy)? While there are sins that are easy to let go, there are sinful tendencies that are much harder to overcome. And the reason for that is our unique make ups. For example, I don’t wrestle with a tendency to steal as much as I […]

Taking Recreation Captive To Christ

One of the things I struggle with is rest and recreation. After a long day’s work, what should I do to unwind? Often, I would scroll through social media or watch anime. On most days, I end up spending 2-3 hours on Facebook. Then, I look at my watch and realize that I wasted so […]

Labor Day: JEHOVAH as Lord of Work and Rest

Since today is International Labour’s Day, let’s consider for a moment what the Bible says about work: 1. Work in itself is not a curse. It is our design. When God created Adam, God placed him in the garden of Eden to work it. We do not just subdue and manage creation, we nurture it […]

The Attributes of God by A.W. Tozer

Talk about the attributes of God in the modern pulpit and few will stay to listen. Most of us – I included – would rather listen to practical messages: “How to find peace in times of trouble”, “How to be self-controlled”, and many more. We’ve taught people how to live but we haven’t taught them […]

Christmas Hymn for 2020: O come, O come Emmanuel

Four days before Christmas. Police shoots a mother and her son. Covid-19 is still here. Lockdown continues. What’s so festive about the season? While my four-year old nephew is excited about Christmas, I doubt the same could be said about the adults. This week, it will not be as easy to sing “Joy to the […]

Book Review: Future Grace by John Piper

Future grace. What’s that about? Piper makes a distinction between past grace and future grace. When Piper says “past grace” he means the grace of justification. We have already been justified. After justification comes sanctification – the day-to-day experience of being made holy. For us to increase and holiness and to not shipwreck our faith, […]