Book Review: The Gospel: How the Church Portrays the Beauty of Christ ni Ray Ortlund

Ang aklat na irereview ko ay maaring i-summarize sa isang simpleng formula: Gospel doctrine + gospel culture = power Ganoong kadali di ba? Simple at madaling intindihin. Ngunit ang mahalagang katanungan ay: madali ba itong i-apply? Ang Kristiyano ay mayroong “love-hate” na relasyon sa mga ganitong bagay. Mahilig tayong magbasa ng formula, listacles, “step by […]

8 Favorite Quotes from the Book “Last Words” by Robert J. Nash

February 17 is this year’s Ash Wednesday and we will commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice at the cross for the sins of His elect. It’s fitting to have resources for Lent that will help us reflect on this momentous event. I think this book by Robert J. Nash is an indispensable guide that takes readers through the […]

Interview: Trevor Bates on Confessing Sins to One Another

One of the habits of grace that Christians misunderstand every and then is prayer. We immediately assume that praying is asking something from God. What we don’t realize, according to God’s Word, is that there is actually more to it—prayer glorifies God, and it also comforts and unites believers. We spoke with Trevor Bates, author […]

5 Fake News About Jesus Found in the Bible

Fake news has been a household name in this social media saturated culture. In the past, you could get fake ID’s, fake flowers, fake eyelashes, etc., but never could anyone imagine a day where fake news existed. This kind of news only has one agenda, that is to deceive people. In the Bible, there were […]

5 Free Audiobook Gems Found in LibriVox for Christians

Don’t like reading books? Do you prefer listening to audio? Are you a podcast type of guy? Then LibriVox is for you! This audiobook website is pure gold for audio loving folks. LibriVox houses volunteer driven public domain audiobooks that are free to listen and download. The audiobooks here will provide you hours upon hours of listening […]

8 Favorite Quotes From the Book “Pray Big” by Alistair Begg

In these troubled times, we need God’s sovereign hand. Nothing in this world can be more comforting than seeking God who holds and sustains everything. Whether it’s ending the pandemic or something as personal as asking for provision, God will surely listen to our petitions. Here’s some quotes from the book, Pray Big by Alistair […]

“Pray Big” Book Review

God is pleased with a praying believer. That’s a fundamental truth. It should bring a believer joy because not only that God is listening to our prayer, He is also pleased when we pray. There is no question that whatever prayer we bring to God, He will give His attention. But is there a specific […]