Hope in Times of COVID


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Hope in times of Covid 

The answer to the many “how are you’s” has been tough in the last couple of months. I belong to an industry that solely relied on celebrations and events. We were doing well until the pandemic happened. To add to that challenge, I had started to be responsible in keeping our finances afloat because my Dad has retired and there are monthly bills on top of my personal payables to take care of. 

On most days I would be silent and just tell God, “Lord, ang bigat.” 

To think of these things is me being honest to God. I had to remind myself that. To be honest, at first I felt that it was a struggle. It gave me an idea that to think of what I would need to do for myself is selfish. But I was reminded that God listens even to the littlest things in my life. As I navigate through this pandemic together with the responsibilities on my shoulders, I’ve always tried to look upon Jesus. Not to discredit what I was personally going through, but I knew others were on the same boat as I was or maybe even worse, and the anxiety does creep in from time to time and for me, having Jesus calms my soul. 

In the middle of this crazy world, the more relevant the Gospel has become. Not only have my priorities changed since the pandemic but my perspectives too. Think about it. The Gospel is a story about hope in Christ in a dark and sinful world. 

Personally, this pandemic has taught me to streamline what’s important. Honestly, with this happening, it’s easier to say, “bahala na” or “ayoko na” and just “go with the flow” of things because with the situation, we really aren’t sure when it’s going to normalize – or are we ever going back to that. While I do focus on the essential tools to survive – taking opportunities left and right to earn something and get the finances moving – I try to do it under the reminder that Christ is our hope in all of this. He conquered death therefore in His book, there’s an end to this. While we aren’t there yet, I do try and make sense of this and think about how I can glorify the Lord still. It humbles me because at the end of the day, I know it’s not our accomplishments that would matter but if we did pursue living life like Christ in every single thing that we did in this world. As 1 Corinthians 16:4 says, do everything with love. 

Pandemic or not. 

Tin Lucas

Tin Lucas

Tin is a Marketing and Communications professional. She is a sinner saved by grace and is continuously being taught by Jesus how to love.
Tin Lucas

Tin Lucas

Tin is a Marketing and Communications professional. She is a sinner saved by grace and is continuously being taught by Jesus how to love.

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