Missionary of the Month: Mons Cenen


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Mons Cenen is a CCF Elevate campus missionary who is dedicated to make Christ known among students in Feliz. She currently ministers to the youth in Sta. Elena High School.

Name: Mons Cenen

Age: 25 

Location: Marikina City

1. How did God lead you to become a missionary?

I’ve been active in the campus/youth ministry since I was a freshman in college up until now. Back then, God gave me the burden to share Jesus to my block mates in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He gave me the courage to step out of my comfort zone by starting a bible study inside campus, actively invite them to our youth service, and continually win souls for Jesus. Since I had been exposed to campus ministry and had been a participant in a mission trip in Davao wherein we conducted a retreat to equip youth leaders in discipleship and evangelism, my burden for the students in campus increased—this led me to pray about being a Campus Missionary right after graduating college. 

Throughout the world, social media proves to be an effective tool to reach out, disciple, and invest in the younger generation. And if the youth will be influenced by us, Christians, I believe that their youthful time and energies can be channeled to God. I praise God that He led me to this direction because the moment I realized I needed Jesus–which was after someone persistently shared the gospel to me in college–one of my greatest desire has been to let others have a beautiful experience with Him as I did when I came to know the Lord through campus ministry.

2. What is the best part about being a missionary? (What are some of your favorite things you get to do in your work?)

Witnessing transformed lives and helping the youth fully function their God-given potential. 

3. What are some of your biggest victories and challenges that you’ve had in your ministry from the past year?

I was able to take the step of obedience to transfer from Elevate U-Belt to Elevate Feliz even though it was extremely hard for me. Last November 2018, I was given a privilege to be part of an international mission trip in Middle East and minister to the refugees. As I ministered to the refugees, God impressed upon my heart to rekindle my passion for the deprived, for the oppressed, for the needy and the afflicted. With that burden, I couldn’t help but think of my community in Marikina. Initially, I chose to not pray about it because I was afraid that God might uproot me from U-Belt. I was afraid to let go of my achievements, the ministries that I had established, and the students that I poured my life out to. But when I went back from the mission trip, God gave me the urge to pray about letting go of all that I had in U-Belt and start from scratch, specifically in Feliz. As I prayed about it, God allowed me to see my own heart. I discovered that my security was no longer anchored on Him but on my own strength and ability. 

Matthew 4:18-19 says, “Now as Jesus was walking by the Sea of Galilee, He saw two brothers, Simon who was called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.”

This was how God called me as a fisher of the younger generation. But sometimes, He will call us into a completely different direction, wherein all that you have is His promise to go with you. Sometimes God will call us to let go of everything we hold on dearly, for us to depend on Him completely. And so through His word, God made it clear to me that I needed to let go of U-belt and start afresh as a Campus Missionary here in Feliz. Just like the disciples, I left everything and embraced God’s new calling and direction for me, trusting Him about my future. My decision for action is based on His promises and His word instead of my emotions. My transfer to Feliz had been smooth and I was able to start my transition 4 months ago. By God’s grace, He has now been causing me to bear much fruit as I minister in the lives of the youth at Sta. Elena High School. The students are now actively meeting in small groups, transforming lives, sharing the gospel and inviting their classmates and friends at Elevate Live. When people ask me about this change of direction, I am confident to say that I am completely satisfied and at peace where I am right now, knowing that I am at the center of God’s will in my life in this season.

COVID-19 greatly affects all of us because what had been normal and convenient suddenly collapsed. The 1st month of ECQ was an extreme struggle for me because I was not used to meeting and communicating with people online. My intentionality in discipleship and passion in ministering in the lives of the students was challenged and tested. With all honesty, I became complacent and lazy. Working from home was also a struggle because my attention was divided; but then God rebuked me and made me realize that I should not see this lockdown as an excuse to slow down in doing the mission. Instead, I ought to see this as an opportunity to advance His kingdom. Despite the crisis, the mission is not cancelled! Praise God for the internet, I still have the opportunity to equip leaders and make disciples online!

4. How can we pray for you during this time?

  • Intimacy with the Lord
  • Being able to finish the Christian race well until I see Jesus face to face
  • God’s presence and provision as we prepare for our wedding early next year
Driven By The Gospel

Driven By The Gospel

Driven By The Gospel is a platform for Christian resources specifically curated for Filipinos. We are Driven by the Master, Driven by the Message, and Driven by the Mission.
Driven By The Gospel

Driven By The Gospel

Driven By The Gospel is a platform for Christian resources specifically curated for Filipinos. We are Driven by the Master, Driven by the Message, and Driven by the Mission.

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