The Gospel in a Covid-filled World


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The current restrictive situation that we experience in the Philippines today has isolated me from friends, family, social groups, and even my local church. Often, these communities are the spaces where “living out the gospel” has been possible for me. But outside the occasional online chats and video calls, I’ve experienced close to no social fellowship with these other communities. This makes living out the gospel harder than it already is. 

The current situation has made me realize that living out the gospel is never limited by the restrictions of a worldwide health crisis. The impact of the good news of Jesus Christ affects every area of the life of a Christian, whether or not we are faced with a pandemic. This long quarantine period has helped me see that I’ve limited what living out the gospel means.

I have always believed that living out the gospel is to act like Christ. Though all Christians are called to be Christ-like, remembering that we are not the savior of the world is essential. The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ and because it is news, it must be proclaimed. The proclamation that God became man to reconcile us to God is extremely important. 

Since the good news of Christ must be proclaimed, living out the gospel means proclaiming it to myself and my wife daily. Our hurts, our struggles, our temptations, our weaknesses, and our lack of faith are fruits of our sin against a holy God. But through Jesus Christ, there is redemption and reconciliation as we are made right with God and adopted as the Father’s children. Furthermore, the future fullness of redemption will one day come and we will be with God. These truths, by God’s power and grace, work to change my life so that in God’s strength I can live in obedience to His word. To love God wholly and fully, to love my wife as Christ has the church, and to glorify God in all things even as I am stuck at home.

The pandemic has not changed how living out the gospel should be. What it has done is clarify what it means: The proclamation of the redemptive truth in Christ Jesus.

Gabe Castelo

Gabe Castelo

Gabe is a seminary student at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, husband to Guia Castelo.
Gabe Castelo

Gabe Castelo

Gabe is a seminary student at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary, husband to Guia Castelo.

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