#Adulting and the Garden

Man’s history began with two perfect adults in the Garden of Eden. As God in creation sped up the growth of vegetation and plants in the course of a day and filled the land, seas, and air with creatures already developed for reproduction, so God created Adam and Eve as already mature human beings – […]

Theology of Tidying Up

One chief enemy of productivity is a cluttered-environment. This lightning bolt hit me one morning when I woke up with unusual enthusiasm to work. Having caffeinated myself, I hurriedly and excitedly walk to my work-space. Then, the sight discouraged me. I found in my desk a tall pile of books, crumpled papers, coffee mugs left […]

Reformation’s Guide to the Modern Life – Part 1

The Modern World’s Quest for Human Flourishing One of the unrelenting pre-occupations of the modern world is the quest for the proper recipe for human flourishing. What does human flourishing means? The analogy is taken from the realm of nature. When we speak of something as flourishing, we mean that a certain thing is thriving […]